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Internal peer review of scientific articles for publication in journals of our publishing house

The peer review procedure, internal, is compulsory for the papers submitted for publication in the journals of our publishing house. Read the rules and order of manuscripts peer review approved in our publishing house. Additional information and clarification, if necessary, you can get by addressing to the team of the publishing house.

Procedure for reviewing scientific articles received by the editors of the "ANALITIKA RODIS" publishing house

  1. All scientific articles received by the editors are subject to compulsory peer review.
  2. The editors in its sole discretion determine the compliance of the articles to the journal profile, preparation requirements and forward them for peer review to the experts, PhDs and Full Doctors of Sciences, who have scientific specialization most related to the topics of articles received.
  3. Reviewers are notified that received manuscripts are the private property of the authors and contain information not to be disclosed.
  4. Terms of peer review in each case determined by the editors with the arrangement of conditions for maximum rapid publication of articles.
  5. Review should include a qualified analysis of the article material and its objective evaluation. The reviewer makes a recommendation (positive or negative) about the possibility of the article publishing.
  6. Author of each article is consistently provided an opportunity to get acquainted with the text of the review, if it contains recommendations for improving and revision the article, or if the article is not recommended for publication. The editors send the text of the review with a proposal to take into account recommendations in preparing a new version of an article or to refute them with reason. Revised article is sent for peer review again. In case of a positive opinion of the reviewer the reviews text are sent to authors in electronic form, familiarizing with the expert evaluation.
  7. In case when the reviewer does not recommend the article for publication, the editors can send the article to be rewritten, taking into account the comments, send it to another reviewer or refuse to publish.
  8. The final decision on publication of articles is made by the Chief Editor or Deputy Chief Editor.
  9. Reviews are kept for three years.

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